Guidelines to protect yourself and your beloved ones from COVID-19 during your daily routine

The danger of COVID-19 hasn't passed yet. We should all adopt some new habits in order to stop the spread.

  1. For this period, we should try to avoid public transport and prefer our cars, bicycles. Even better, if it’s possible we should prefer walking to our destinations. Only if it’s necessary we can use public transport by following the established rules like using masks or distancing rules.

  2. Proper use of masks is very important. Many people place the mask under their jaw but it’s absolutely wrong. In case we don’t use the masks, we should save them in a baggie.

  3. It’s better to avoid handshakes and hugs in workplaces.

  4. We must keep in mind that anything we touch maybe it’s infected. Wash your hands as much as times you can during your day.

  5. The infection of COVID-19 is less possible outside but still, it’s dangerous to stand in crowded places. We are feeling social distancing but patience is precious for this situation that we are living.

  6. Maybe you have many friends or colleagues with which you would like to discuss or have fun face to face. Watch out! You don’t know how the person, who stands nearby you, is following the measures for the disease. 

  7. You have to take care of yourself. Notice any symptoms and in case you are feeling sick call as soon as you can your personal doctor. Don’t visit immediately a hospital.

If you are working in the hospitality sector, you should follow some additional rules. You will be informed by your Hotel Director.

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