Let the summer go on.. find a seasonal job in Greece!

The summer comes to its end very soon.. Most of the people return to their daily routine. The students go back to school soon. The atmosphere of holidays slowly-slowly disappears.

However, the summer tourist season in Greece is not over yet! There are 2 more months of summer holidays remained, as a result there are still job openings. Greece generally celebrates summertime from April until October. 

Greece is the favourite tourist destination for many Europeans and attracts every year millions of visitors. During the summer months, temperatures reach as high as 40˚C, perfect for endless sunbathing and swimming in the sea! The perfect weather and the even prettier surroundings create an atmosphere that feels just like heaven.

Most of the Greek islands and cities are buzzing with life. Seaside hotels and resorts are full of tourists from the very beginning till the end of the season, providing many job openings in the hospitality field.

The hotels usually work till the end of October and are the best option for those who want to combine their work abroad with some holidays. Thus, there is still time to secure a seasonal job in one of the Greek hotels. So, why not to take this opportunity of a seasonal job and extend your summer holidays in one of the best summer destinations?

At JOB TRUST we provide a large number of summer jobs with free of charge placement for thousands of applicants.

There are still many job openings for working in hotels and specific in housekeeping, service, animation, front office and kitchen departments. Do not lose your time, apply now for a seasonal job and try a new experience by working abroad in a country where the spirit of holidays never fades.

Your summer doesn’t need to come to an end because the calendar says so. There are so many reasons why you should apply for a seasonal job in Greece during summer. So, let it go on and keep the spirit of holidays around you!

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