Imagine yourself staying in a beautiful 5* hotel with a breathtaking view. You enter your gorgeous room and you feel very comfortable and satisfied. You wake up in the morning and decide to go for a swim in the luxury pool. And by the time you come back, you find your room cleaner and tidier than ever, with fresh bed sheets, pillow cases and towels, floors and surfaces cleaned adequately ,with not a single trace of dust on them, a refilled candy dish and your last night's clothes nicely folded on the bed. And all of that makes you feel that you and your personal belongings are in good hands.

But do you ever wonder who the person behind all this is?

Here are the top reasons why we should appreciate a bit more the ''unsung heroes'' of every hotel; the housekeepers.


  • They keep you safe.

Nobody likes to spend their vacations at a dirty and unhealthy environment. One of the central tasks of a housekeeper is to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene in all hotel areas. They are also responsible for the pest control. Of course, bacteria and pests are the only “enemies”; housekeepers are responsible for minor security as well, making sure that you and your belongings are safe all the time.

  • They make you feel like home.

Housekeepers give their best to make sure that all the guests feel as comfortable, during their stay, as possible. They deliver daily fresh bed sheets and towels for every room, clean thoroughly all the surfaces and tidy up any mess that lies around. Their main aim is to provide an attractive, comfortable and welcoming environment for all the guests, while keeping the guest privacy at maximum.

  • It is a mentally and physically challenging job.

It is no overstatement to say that housekeeping department is working 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, with both morning and evening shifts having a lot of responsibilities. Those include the already mentioned ones, like cleaning and preparing rooms, creating a pleasant atmosphere in the hotel, as well various securities responsibly and also include various tasks such as laundry, maintenance of the floral decorations, cleaning public areas of the hotel, such as the pool or the spa, and dealing with lost and found items. It is understandable that those tasks are not only physically demanding, but also require mental toughness; housekeepers understand the importance of their job in satisfying the guests stay in the hotel. If they fail to do a job well done, the hotel's business will suffer as well. This is why housekeepers know how to act under pressure and have exceptional multitasking skills.


Housekeepers might not get much noted by a hotel's guest, but the hotel managers understand of their importance in the day-to-day operation of the hotel. That's why, for example, they provide them with new and advanced vacuum cleaners that are both lighter and quieter, with education and training on work practices, and with improved shift rotations. To further emphasize the significance of housekeeping, students that study hotel management are often required to spend a season as housekeepers in a hotel.         

 So next time you find yourself in a hotel, don't forget that behind your comfortable stay, there are those “unsung heroes”, the housekeepers.


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