Online Interview Tips

As soon as you finish your online application, you can contact our team for a selection interview. The interviews are usually done through Skype / Viber / WhatsApp. All applicants who want a work placement need to have a selection interview with a member of the JOB TRUST team. We do not accept applicants that do not pass the selection interview with our team.

How to prepare for the interview?

Firstly, you will need to have with you your JOB TRUST application form and tell us its reference number.  This will make it easier for the interviewer to find you in the system and also for you to be able to answer fast the interview questions by having your application on hand.

Secondly, you will need to prepare the location of the interview. Try to find a quiet room that has good acoustics, fast internet connection and ideally natural light. A noisy room makes it difficult for the interviewer to hear you and will distract from the process. Try not to stand with a window directly behind you. This will create a contre-jour effect that will make it impossible for the interviewer to see you and will disrupt the interview process. The best would be to have a white or light color wall as a background and place the laptop/phone on a hard surface with the camera at eye level.

Tips for looking professional

Sit straight on a comfortable chair and wear a professional outfit. This will give you confidence. Make sure the camera is at eye level and the image shows your full head and shoulders. Do not place the camera below chin level as this will not create a flattering effect. Before the actual interview, call a friend to check the quality of the image and the sound level. It is nothing worse than realizing during the interview that your sound doesn’t work or that you need headphones that you do not have handy. Once the interview starts remember to relax and smile. Do not worry if you do not understand something, as the interviewer to repeat the question or reformulate it.

Good luck! Below you can find our online interview channels and phone numbers:

Skype (name: jobtrust and it appears as INTERVIEW WITH JOB TRUST)

Viber and/or WhatsApp ( phone: +30 698 824 88 50)

Working hours: from Monday to Friday 9.00 to 17.00 (Greek local time / EET)