Q: Can I come with my friends in the same hotel?
A: You may send us your request by email with subject "work together" and specify the Reference Numbers of your application form. We would try to place you at the same hotel. But if the same hotel would finally not accept some of your friends we would send their application forms to the nearest hotels. Also it is advisable to select the same region in the application form. Thus even if you would be in different hotels you would be at least in the same region/island of Greece and may see each other when have free time.

Q: I have successfully passed interview. What is next?
A: As soon as you are accepted by one of our hotels you would get a job offer by email. The offer is the e-mail with subject "Job Trust Offer" sent to the applicant selected by a specific hotel. It contains the name of the hotel you are selected and general terms & conditions of your work at that hotel. It concerns only the applicant that gets such offer and not the "group" of applicants.

Q: When I will get my job offer?
A: The offers usually come at least one month before your supposed arrival to Greece. You should not be worried if you did not get any offer yet, it may come later. However, you should not buy your tickets to Greece unless you get the offer and confirmation of your acceptance.
When you get the offer you should answer on it in in 3 days.

Q: What happens if I would refuse the job offer? Will I get another one?
A: If you refuse the offer you should write the reason, so we could know where to forward your application form. There is no guarantee that you would get another job offer especially when we cannot understand the reason you rejected the first one.

Q: I have accepted the job offer. When I will get the contract?
A: If you accept the offer you should write your name/surname/ref.nr and the duration you may come to Greece. If the duration you may come is suitable to the hotel we would send you the contracts or official confirmation of your acceptance after we get the final "OK" from the hotel.

Q: I got the contract. When should I arrive to the hotel?
A: You should arrive to Greece at least 1-3 days before the starting date of the contract. Avoid arriving at nights because there are no buses during nigh hours and it would be difficult to the hotel to arrange your accommodation if the responsible person would not be in the hotel.
You should inform your arrival details to Job Trust at least 2 weeks before your arrival.
In case of any change in the arrival date or time or arrival cancelation you should inform Job Trust immediately.

Q: I got the contract but it is not written in what position I would work. It just mentioned that I would work at one of the positions I have applied.
A: When the hotels are big there are many open vacancies. Sometimes they decide on the specific position on your arrival depending on the hotel's needs at that moment. But they may not give you a position for which you never applied if we did not inform you about it before your coming. If this happens you should contact us to solve the problem.

Q: I have got a work contract with Job Trust. How I would be paid?
A: You would be paid to your bank account from your home country once per month. You should inform us your IBAN and SWIFT. Also you should open an account with which we cooperate in your country before your coming to Greece. Otherwise we would not be able to pay your salaries.

Q: I have internship (practice) contract with the hotel. How I am going to be paid?
A: You are paid by the hotel once per month. Usually they give you a bank card so you get your money from any ATM in Greece or other country.

Q: It is my first time of travelling to Greece and I am very anxious about the trip. Can you help me with the transportation?
A: We will send you the contacts of other people going to Greece from your home country. You may contact them in order to arrange your traveling together in a group of Job Trust applicants. Thus it would be easier to you to get to the destination. Also as soon as we prepare the contracts we send to everyone detailed transportation info. It includes information on the easiest and cheapest way of going to your hotel. Also it includes phone number from the hotel and Job Trust. In case of any problem during your trip you may contact us any time.

Q: I would like to work in the same hotel with my girlfriend. Is that possible?
A: You may send us such request by email (you should specify the Reference Numbers of your application form). However we may not guarantee that you would be accepted by the same hotel, but at least we would try. In case you would work in the same hotel you must know that you would not live in the same room. Most of the hotels have rooms for male and separate rooms for females and there are more than 2 persons in a room. Thus there are no rooms for couples in most of the hotels. Also you may work in different shifts and at different departments.

Q: How the hotel would know when I am coming? Will there be anyone waiting for me?
A: As soon as you send us your arrival details, we send this info to the hotel so they could expect your arrival. In case something changes (if you lost your bus/flight or changed your tickets) you should inform us immediately. The hotel would not be able to provide you accommodation if you come unexpectedly.

Q: May I interrupt my contract? Will I have any penalty for that?
A: You may interrupt your contract if have valid reasons for that such as health problems. Otherwise you would loose your bonus and the hotel has right not to pay you for the last working month.

Q: I have worked in one of your hotels last year. I would like to go there again this year too. What shall I do?
A: You have to inform us about this so we could forward your application form to this hotel and as soon as they confirm your acceptance we will send you the contracts.

Q: I worked last summer in Crete but this summer I want to go to another region. How can I re-apply? May I choose hotels I want to work?
A: You should send us your preferences regarding the region you would like to work. We will place you at one of the hotels from that region.

Q: If I have any problem in Greece how I may contact you?
A: When you get the contract we send you all our contact information: office phone numbers, email address, emergency mobile number. You may contact us either by email or by phone whenever needed. You may also ask your manager to contact you with Job Trust in case you do not have your cell phone.

Q: I am student and I want to find a summer job at Greek hotels. How can I apply?
A: You should create an account at http://www.jobtrust.gr (Go to Apply Now) and complete the Application Form (go to User Login. We would contact you for an interview.

Q: I would appreciate to know what kind of job you can provide me for this summer. All I want to know is about the housing conditions, food and salary.
A: We mainly have vacancies at Greek hotels like waiters/waitress, barmen/barwomen, grooms, receptionists, hostess, tennis court and swimming pool staff, housekeepers, etc. Accommodation and food is provided. Salary varies from 350 Euro to 600 Euro (+tips) or more for management positions. It depends on the level of your studies and your previous experience. Also the hotels partly compensate your travel expenditures as a bonus up to 300E depending on the hotel and contract duration (you get more benefits when your contract is 5-6 months).

Q: I would like to work in Greece but I don't speak English
A: If you don't speak English it is difficult to find you a placement. If you speak some other languages like Russian or German this would be an asset. The positions that we usually may offer in such cases are in Housekeeping, Cleaning, Garden, and Dishwashing. But still even there at least basic English is required in most of the hotels.

Q: I would like to work in Greece but I don't speak Greek
English is enough for most of the hotels. There are just certain positions where you must obligatory speak Greek.

Q: What is the best duration I have apply in order to find a job in a Greek hotel?
A: The tourism season in Greece lasts from the end of April until the end of October. So this is the most wanted duration for all the hotels. If you want to come for shorter duration you may arrive by the end of May and stay until at least end of September. For shorter than this duration it would be rather difficult to find you a place. But we would try anyway. You would just have not so many chances to be selected by hotel.

Q: I would like to get a job at a Greek hotel. I know that the tourism season has already begun. Do I have any chances to be accepted for a front line employee position?
A: Housekeepers and waiters/waitresses are usually the remaining positions in the middle/end of the tourism season. But we will try to do our best to find you a job you wish.

Q: I am student of Tourism faculty and come to Greece as trainee. Can I get more money that is written in the student agreement you sent me?
A: You cannot get more money because you do not come as regular employee. You come like student for practical training. According to the labor legislation the salary of trainees (students) must be smaller than the salary of workers. We may offer better salary only to EU applicants coming for work (not practice).

Q: I got my contract but I can see that it is for service department and not for FO that I wanted? Is there any possibility of working at FO?
A: For FO department there are higher requirements than for other positions. First of all the applicants must speak perfect English and one more language (German, Russian, French or other). Also some previous experience is usually required. In case the hotel does not consider your candidature to be suitable for FO position they may offer you another placement. It may happen that during the season you might be moved to FO, but there is no guarantee for that from the moment you were informed about another position before you signed the contract.

Q: The payments will be done each day/week/month?
A: Once per month

Q: I am from Bucharest. About the transportation I understood you will pick us up from Thessaloniki right? Who exactly is going to do that? Where should we meet? Must I take a bus/train or a plane till there or it's my choice?
A: We usually meet our applicants coming to Thessaloniki and help to get the bus to Halkidiki. You should send us the arrival details in advance. You would recognize our representative by the sign Job Trust hold in the hands. From Romania the cheapest way to come to Thessaloniki is by bus. But you may also take a flight that will be more expensive.

Q: How can we communicate with our relatives?
A: By phone or Internet. The local mobile card is about 5-20 Euros – it includes new number and minutes you can talk. You can also call from public phone. One card is about 3-5 Euros.

Q: Who pays for electricity in the room we live?
A: The hotel. The monetary compensation mentioned in the contract is your pocket money. You do not pay anything.

Q: Do we pay for accommodation, uniforms or anything else?
A: No. You do not pay for your accommodation. You are given uniforms, pillows, sleeping shifts, etc that are cleaned once per week. In case uniform is not provided we will inform you what cloths you should have with you. Shoes are usually not provided, we would just tell you what kind of shoes you should have during work.

Q: How much money I should have on the arriving to Greece and in which currency?
A: Food and accommodation is assured by the hotels but one should have some pocket money because the first salary will be in about one month. 250 Euros could be enough but it depends on one's needs. It is recommended to have euros and not other currency, because there is commission while changing currency.