Who can apply?

Job Trust accepts applicants from all over Europe. For EU nationals it is not necessary to be studying or to have graduated from a tourism-related school, faculty or learning institution. If you speak English and you feel confident enough to start a career in the hospitality industry you may apply. For non-EU nationals studying tourism at one of our partner universities, we provide paid internships at a large number of luxury hotels and resorts in Greece.

How do I apply?

In order to apply for a vacancy applicants are requested to create an account and complete an application form. Click here to create an account.

What is the selection procedure?

All application forms are shortlisted and selected for intake interviews by one of our recruiters. Interviews are conducted in person, through Skype or by phone. Following a successful interview, the selected candidates are offered positions in one of our client luxury hotels or resorts, along with information regarding compensation, other benefits and the hotel or resort itself. When an offer is accepted we provide information about how to get to the workplace, what documents are needed, contact information of accepted candidates from the same region travelling to your destination workplace and assistance in any other way as to make working in a different country for the first time easier. 

Career opportunities for students studying Tourism & Hospitality

Job Trust provides the opportunity to students studying tourism and hospitality at hotel schools and universities to complete their practical training and internships. Students that successfully complete their practical training are provided with a formal certificate to be used at their school or university. The provided certificates contain the company name and details, the trainee name and details, the period of training, the position(s) the trainee has occupied during training and any extra activities and responsibilities of the trainee. Job Trust does not charge a commission or a fee for the placement of students at hotels and resorts in Greece. Trainees are being compensated with a monthly salary and they are offered free accommodation and three meals per day. Depending on the hotel or resort and the duration of the contract, transportation reimbursements are also offered at the end of the contract, ranging from € 100 to € 300.

Free of charge services for applicants

  • Presentation of partner hotels, general information on working terms and conditions, costs and benefits
  • Consultation on how to make a professional CV
  • Interview and selection procedure
  • Working placement for successful candidates
  • Consultation on transport to the hotel as well as the documents and any specific clothing needed
  • Preparation of working contracts 
  • Resolving any problems that might arise during work in Greece
  • Meeting with the applicants in the hotels
  • Consulting on general hotel rules for personnel

Job Positions

  • Front office: receptionist, guest relations, bellman
  • F&B department: waiter, bartender, hostess
  • Kitchen: chef, sous-chef, cook, dishwasher
  • Spa: therapist, receptionist
  • Animation
  • Housekeeping
  • Gardeners
  • Security
  • Lifeguard

Hotels and Resorts Location

  • Halkidiki
  • Crete
  • Peloponnese
  • Rhodos
  • Kos
  • Corfu
  • Mykonos
  • Kefalonia
  • Zakynthos
  • Paros
  • Other islands


  • No commission and fees
  • Free accommodation
  • 3 meals per day
  • Monetary compensation 
  • Certificate of completed traineeship or internship
  • Reimbursement of tickets

Costs of Job Trust programs

  • Tickets to Greece (reimbursed at the end of the contract)
  • EU Health card or private health insurance valid for EU countries for the whole duration of the contract

Who can Apply?

  • EU nationals (students, graduates or people without a degree)
  • non-EU nationals studying tourism at our partner universities

How to Apply?

  • Create an account: go to User Login
  • Complete our application form

Why Apply?

  • Kickstart your career in tourism
  • Earn money while training
  • Improve your foreign language skills
  • Networking: make connections in the tourism industry
  • Expose yourself to a new culture
  • Enjoy Greek summer while getting paid for it!