JOB TRUST is a human resources, recruiting and consulting company located in Thessaloniki, northern Greece. We specialize in providing luxury hotels and resorts in Greece and abroad with selected candidates that meet specific industry- and  client-related demands.

Through a process of recruiting, shortlisting, selecting and interviewing candidates locally in various countries we are able to assess each of our applicants and evaluate their language skills, their motivation, their adapting skills to stressful situations, their professional appearance and their personality. Our selection process has provingly led to a decrease in personnel turnover in our client hotels and resorts.

An important goal of our company is to ensure job positions for our candidates  in companies that will enhance their career, while giving our associates the opportunity to work with a personnel that will successfully satisfy their demanding needs.

Our database consists of applicants both with and without previous experience. We are willing to provide staff reports whenever is needed.

We are not selling, we provide services !

We guarantee:

  • Strict applicant selection
  • Low personnel turnover


Our method allows us to evaluate:

  • Level of English and other languages
  • Work motivation
  • Professional appearance
  • Professional behavior
  • Personality and adaptability
  • Ability to work under pressure