JOB TRUST is HR Recruitment & Consulting Company located in Thessaloniki (Greece) specializing in Finding, Interviewing and Training human resources for enterprises and hotels.
Greece is well known for the Hospitality industry and our aim is to be recognized as a superior recruitment agency for clients and candidates around the world.

A double-nature goal of our company is to ensure job positions for the candidate employees in companies which will reinforce their professional career, as well as to give the opportunity to our partners, to employ staff which will cover their specific working demands successfully.

Our selection criteria are always based on high standards. Depending on our client’s requests and requirements we do a pre-selection of the personnel of any department by a unique and the most efficient method in order to provide always the best quality of services possible.

We perform individually interviews to all candidates, evaluating their level in English and other languages together with their knowledge and their willingness to work, their appearance, behavior, expression, motivation and personality. Each candidate completes a psychological test, which evaluates their encouragement, adaptation in a new stressful environment, sociability, emotional stability, and willingness to serve customers. This procedure assists us to minimize the number of the candidates that leave the hotels /companies before the end of their contracts.

Apart of beginners in our database, hotels can discover applicants that already have previous working experience with superior hotels that we corporated in the past. We are more than welcome to provide references for them whenever needed.

We are here not to sell, we are here to solve & serve!

  • High selection cretiria
  • Good employees
  • Low turnover

Job Trust Test & Interview

  • level in English and other languages
  • job knowledge
  • willingness to work
  • appearance
  • behavior
  • expression
  • motivation
  • personality
  • encouragement
  • adaptation in a new stressful environment
  • sociability
  • emotional stability