Combine your summer holidays with a tourism job in Halkidiki

“There is nowhere like Halkidiki”..say the northern Greeks and they know what they’re talking about!

The region has the perfect combination of that distinctive Greek light, extraordinary landscapes, colours and fragrances. In a few words, Halkidiki is one of the most developed tourist destinations in which you can easily combine your summer vacation with a summer job or a summer internship in Greece, but is also a region full of natural beauty.

Countless beaches with light-blue water and small graphic villages synthesize an idyllic landscape. It’s located very close to Thessaloniki -the second biggest city of Greece- and consists of 3 peninsulas: Kassandra, Sithonia and Athos. They can offer you a variety of options like: Intense nightlife in Kassandra, tranquility and exotic beaches in Sithonia, a family atmosphere in Athos.

A journey to Halkidiki would not be complete without tasting its rich and varied cuisine. Gathering around a table to enjoy a meal or various “Mezedes” with ouzo locally produced is an unbreakable and delicious tradition. 

Halkidiki is famous for its table olives, the high-quality olive oil, its breads and cheeses, as well as for its traditional sweets and pastries made with delicious local fruits of local production. The region is also well known for producing honey of the highest quality, while also being a location worth visiting due to its wine routes. This is the ideal place to enjoy the healthy recipes of the Mediterranean diet and dishes made from the purest and locally produced natural ingredients.

Greece is famous for its 24/7 entertainment, its clubs, restaurants and bars buzzing with life until the early hours of the morning. For those seeking fun and entertainment all day and night, Halkidiki has plenty to offer: Enjoy your morning coffee in a traditional kafenio (Greek café), drink cocktails at the beach bar until the sun goes down, have a dinner in a traditional tavern or a luxurious restaurant, go and have some drinks in one of the seaside bars or clubs.

The land of Halkidiki is a combination of exotic blue and green. The west coast is rich in forests and plants, while the center and the east region count three beautiful mountains, Holomontas, Itamos and Athos.

For those who love adventure activities, the combination of sea and mountain offers a big variety of sports opportunities such as scuba diving, water sports, jeep safari. Halkidiki has also, developed a series of alternative activity proposals, including golf, horse riding, sailing, fishing, hiking, cycling etc.


As well, there are plenty of luxury hotels which provide to visitors unique experience of vacation and relaxation. Consequence of uncountable hotels is that there is a variety of hotel job openings, specific in housekeeping, service, animation, front office and kitchen departments.


Halkidiki is indeed a large region with many tourist places to visit and as a result many available seasonal jobs. Working abroad and especially in Greece is the best way to spend your summer. As the summer tourist season generally starts from early April and lasts till the end of October you can easily find several seasonal jobs. Every year, thousands of people secure a summer job or a summer internship in Greece. Specifically, if you are a student, Chalkidiki is the best place for your summer internship.

Why don’t you be the next one? You will have the opportunity to propel your future career by working abroad, by choosing one of the best destinations in Greece: Halkidiki.

Do not forget to apply for this amazing experience!

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