How to succeed in job interviews!

Being interviewed for a job in general and a job in Greece, in particular, is not something that comes naturally for everyone, but it is certainly something that can be improved on through practice and training. With a little preparation, everyone can have a successful summer job interview. 

1. Self-presentation

The first impression counts in all interview settings. The first judgment an interviewer makes is going to be based on how you are presenting yourself. Make sure that you come to the interview dressed appropriately, in the leisure business outfit or smart casual. Present yourself with confidence and ease. Try to be yourself during the whole process. There is no point in trying to impersonate a different character or act more excited than you already are. Smile, be open and answer all questions about your willingness to work in Greece and your previous work experience at a hotel our outside a hotel setting honestly.

2. Don't be nervous

For many, the Job Trust summer work interview will be one of the first professional interviews of their life. You might feel stressed or nervous about this beforehand. However, remember that the Job Trust recruiter is there to help you find a new summer job and her aim is to coach you and support you throughout the way. Thus, there is no reason to be stressed. The aim of our recruiters is to match your profile with the most suitable summer hotel vacancies. In order to do that, our recruiters need to be aware of who you really are and what type of hotel vacancy would really suit you in the long run. Remember that all Job Trust staff is there to help you secure a great hospitality job in Greece.

3. Do your homework

Before the interview, make sure you check our website and read about our hotel vacancies and program details. Note that any questions you might have or any details you would like to have explained to you. Try to think of what summer jobs would better suit you and what region in Greece you would be willing to work in. This will help the interviewer better understand your wishes and she will be able to give you more direct information and consultation.

4. Pay attention to your Body language

In most cases, the interviewer will greet you with a handshake. Handshakes play a significant role in first impressions. Aim for a firm handshake, while smiling and maintaining eye contact. This shows confidence. At the same time, keep your motions in check, to prevent focus being diverted to them and not to what you are actually saying. Do not forget to maintain eye contact during the interview, but constant eye contact can be awkward, so try to balance it out. 

5. Be honest

Do not lie about your qualifications, language skills or summer work experience. When you state what jobs you are willing to consider take the time to think about and make sure you understand all the values and limitations of all vacancies. Do not mention that you are willing to accept any job offer only to pass the interview and later reject any job offer we might send you. It is important to be transparent and realistic about the summer job vacancies you are willing to accept.

In order to participate in the summer work placement program, you will need to make an online application on our website and pass a face-to-face or online interview with one of our recruiters. Remember that our main aim is to help you identify your strengths and guide you towards the best summer job that fits your profile. We wish you a great Greek summer!

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